Schools & Groups

Do you represent a youth group or school group ?
we want to hear from you.
we play host to many youth ornaginsations, that enjoy staying Active and happy.
we encourge everyone to get active and get jumping, its good for mind, body and soul. trust us!
Interested in zumba ?
we host zumbatonic classes for children.
great way to keep kids active while learning and having fun at the same time. more information conact us.


JumpZone! softplay or Dancing...

we have something for evryone, why not call us on 01624 678122 for more inofmation.

Jump & Tots

After School Fridays

Mums, dads and tots jumping sessions. 
Friday morning 10 AM - 12PM .
£3.00 Entry plus a free cuppa!
JumpZone sessions after school 4 - 6 PM
Every friday!
come down and join us, stay active stay happy.